We’re all familiar with the term copyright. It’s a protection granted by our Constitution, but only for a limited time. Once this time expires, the creative work enters the public domain for all to use, distribute, and enjoy freely without the need for permission and payment of copyright royalties. Translation: for the greater good. We see this in the motion pictures industry with frequent interpretations of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Orchestras sell tickets for your enjoyment of Beethoven’s 5th or Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, 1st Movement.

But why pay for a public domain book when it’s already free? Glad you asked. By offering a differentiated version for sale, your purchase has a purpose; that being:

A portion of all sales are donated to the Epilepsy Foundation to help kids with Absence Seizures. 

If you are reading one of Marlow's newly illustratred books and have not purchased it, it may be pirated. Please support this Public Domain Project by purchasing a copy. THANK YOU.

For more on living with this neurological disorder visit:  CheeseHeadRepublic.com (KC's Story)

Forever Epilepsy Aware.