Writer and Illustrator, Jackson Marlow was born in Denville, New Jersey, to parents of Irish descent. She grew up in Southwest Florida, and currently resides in North Georgia. A self described procrastinator, she is known as a geek, movie aficionado, and hater of peanut butter. 

Marlow's first book, BOREDOM IS DEADLY, made Amazon's top e-book mystery list in 2014. For her latest short story mystery, check out CARROWAY LANEIt's the perfect lunchtime mystery to go with your sandwich and chips.  Visit the Lunchtime Mysteries Website and YouTube Channel for more info.

CheeseheadRepublic, LLC has teamed up with Marlow to promote Epilepsy Awareness in Kids. Current projects include a series of Swiss Cheese Education® books, covering topics like religion and politics, the sort of 'stuff' you slept through in school, and a public domain project tagged, Purchase with a Purpose, showcasing differentiated works of fiction with illustrated twists. 

Visit their website for more details. With each sale, a donation is made to the Epilepsy Foundation.

All books are available on Amazon and iBooks. Look for those marked, 'Picture What You Read®,' for rich media content.