Writer, JACKSON MARLOW, from Metro Atlanta, is a family warrior, geek, movie aficionado, procrastinator, daydream believer, and hater of peanut butter. Marlow's first book, BOREDOM IS DEADLY, made Amazon's top e-book mystery list in 2014. 

For Marlow's latest short story mystery, check out Carroway Lane. It's the perfect lunchtime read!

CheeseheadRepublic, LLC has teamed up with Marlow to promote Epilepsy Awareness in Kids. They are currently producing a series of Swiss Cheese Education™ books covering a variety of topics.  Visit CheeseHeadRepublic.com for more info. With each sale, a donation is made to the Epilepsy Foundation. 

All books are available on Amazon and iBooks. Look for those marked, 'Picture What You Read®,' for rich media content.